Police come to assistance of distressed vessel

Six passengers on board stranded boat off North Sound

Marine police towed a stranded boat carrying six passengers to safety Tuesday afternoon. 

Around 4 p.m., police said, emergency operators received a distress call from the 24-foot boat exiting Big Channel off the North Sound. 

The boat lost power and was rapidly taking on water after a large wave crashed over it.  

Joint Marine Unit officers on the Niven D located the vessel outside the reef to the west of the channel about 20 minutes after the emergency call was made. The Niven D towed the boat to safety, and all six passengers disembarked unharmed. 

“We were able to respond fairly quickly in this instance, but depending on a vessel’s location, that is not always possible,” the Joint Marine Unit’s Sgt. Antonio Hanna said in a press release. “Thanks to the 911 Communications Centre, the emergency dispatch and communications with Port Authority went smoothly.” 

Mr. Hanna said it was lucky that a passenger on the boat had an operational mobile phone. 

“We recommend keeping mobile phones in plastic Ziploc bags on board precisely for instances like these, but even more importantly, that boat captains have and use their VHF radio to contact the Port Authority and nearby boats directly, saving precious time.” 

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