Woman escapes serious injury after vehicle flips

A pregnant woman swerved to avoid a car parked in the middle of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway and the SUV she was driving in flipped Saturday morning, according to police.

Emergency workers took the 23-year-old West Bay woman, the only person in that vehicle, to the Cayman Islands Hospital to be treated for a cut to her head.

The crash happened just before 10:30 a.m. near the new Kimpton hotel site. According to Detective Chief Inspector Raymond Christian of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the woman was driving toward George Town when she swerved to avoid a parked vehicle. The parked vehicle’s passengers were putting out road cones before cutting the grass in the highway median, Mr. Christian said.

“The victim allegedly swerved from colliding into the parked vehicle, apparently lost control and collided with the guard rail on the left side of that carriage way. On impact, the vehicle flipped and landed on its roof in the middle of the two travel lanes to George Town,” he said.

The woman was conscious and spoke with police when they arrived on scene.


  1. This has been an accident waiting to happen. The first problem is having the central reservation (median) of a main road covered with fast growing vegetation that requires cutting so regularly. I have motored many thousands of miles on main roads across Europe and the States and can never recall seeing such a procedure. Secondly,and perhaps more importantly, it appears that the crews have not been trained how to close a lane on a 40 mph road. Prior warning that a lane ahead is closed is vital. I have witnessed a number near misses on Esterley Tibbetts Highway where a car has had to brake to avoid crashing into the barrier that appeared across the centre lane.I obviously do not know what happened in this case but it could be that training is also needed on how to put out the cones around the closed lane.

  2. This really sounds like police and who is responsible for road works needs to learn their responsibilities for their own safety and safety of other road users. I think that Cayman is developing too fast , and is not seeing how to keep up with the aspects of the development. In the USA there would be warning signs, flashing light,police, all for the safety of the workers and road users.

  3. Sorry to hear about this accident.

    Always a problem when a vehicle is parked where one doesn’t expect it to be.

    Was the parked vehicle on a straight part of the road or just round a bend?

    If on the bend then that was clearly dangerous.

    If on a straight part of the road then she really should have been paying better attention. BUT, having said this these vehicles should at the very least have their hazard lights flashing. Were they?

    Better still those roof mounted flashing arrows to warn oncoming vehicles to go around them.

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