West Bay updates: Cobalt Coast

Reef Divers recently took over operation of the diving facilities at Cobalt Coast.

West Bay’s Cobalt Coast Resort and Suites was officially acquired by JEM Holdings Ltd. on Dec. 1, 2015 from owner Arie Barendrecht, who opened the resort in 2000. Dive operations are now managed by Reef Divers.

JEM Holdings Ltd. is the owner and operator of Reef Divers valet diving, Little Cayman Beach Resort, and Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Little Cayman Beach Resort was recently recognized as the best dive resort in the Caribbean by the Caribbean Journal, while the Cayman Brac Beach Resort just reopened after major renovations.

“We are very excited about the chance to be represented in all three islands, and we certainly look forward to bringing Reef Divers’ valet diving services to our guests here at Cobalt Coast,” said JEM Holdings general manager Jason Belport. “We are all about the level of service, and we are really looking forward to building on the level of service that Cobalt Coast is known for.”

Mr. Belport noted the acquisition will also bring opportunities for visitors familiar with the company’s other resorts, who may not have had a chance to dive at well-known Grand Cayman spots like the Kittiwake wreck and Stingray City.

“At the moment, we are just settling in and going day by day to determine any future plans, to ensure we will continue be able to offer an excellent experience at Cobalt Coast,” he added.

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