50 years ago: Some recommended improvements

In the Feb. 9, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Arthur Hunter wrote:

“Sunday a week ago a motor car ran off the road and over the precipice at the dangerous guard house corner at the entrance to this town.

“This incident brings to mind the fact that a few years ago, following the representations of the then assembly members of this constituency, a start was made at putting a fence around this corner. Construction was of wood and the fence was never completed.

“Today one cannot even find the remains of what was put up. This is but another example of waste of government funds.

“While some instances of cars running off the road at this point can be attributed to careless driving, the long overdue construction of a properly reinforced concrete wall around this dangerous corner may some day prove the dividing wall between the life and death of some innocent motorist or passenger.

“While driving or walking through this town one cannot help but notice the nuisance being created by hanging telephone wires in front of the residences of some citizens.

“Even if the residents of this town have to wait on Cable & Wireless (W.I.) Ltd. for the restoration of a telephone system, they should not be exposed to the nuisance and danger of hanging wires at their front doorsteps.”

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