Breezy North Side makes for perfect beach day

James Collins and Harold Lingard fight the wind to hang a hammock. - Photos: Jewel Levy
James Collins and Harold Lingard fight the wind to hang a hammock. – Photos: Jewel Levy

Beachgoers, warned about rough seas and stiff breezes this week, were not deterred from trying their best to use their Ash Wednesday holiday to unwind by the sea on beaches all over the island.

The cooler temperatures made the day thoroughly enjoyable for one group of Bodden Towners, who packed up their bags and headed up to a picturesque spot in North Side’s Old Man Bay. The plan was to light the grill and brave the stiff winds instead of attending the popular Agriculture Show at Lower Valley.

“It was chilly and windy, but we preferred to do just that, instead of fighting the traffic and crowds at the Agriculture Show,” said Trilby Lingard.

Mrs. Lingard, along with husband Harold, his friend James Collins and wife Cecile, said they eventually had to put on sweaters to keep warm, but it was nice not having to hide from the hot sun for a change.

“Normally on a day out to the beach, we would have to hide from the sun behind the trees, but on Wednesday we had to seek out the sunny spots, it was just nice and chilly,” she said. Dressed in Christmas sweaters and windbreakers, Mrs. Lingard said it was fun trying to light the grill and keep the chairs upright.

“It would have made anyone laugh to see Harold and James trying to tie up the hammock. They just gave up after the wind kept it hoisted in the air like a kite and no one could get in,” she said. “It was chilly and windy too. The beach is nice in the summer but I never thought I would have to wear a sweater midday on the beach.”

Mrs. Collins said it was a nice time to enjoy the chillier weather and seize the opportunity to indulge in some outdoor fun.

Trilby Lingard fixes a plate of burgers.
Trilby Lingard fixes a plate of burgers.

“We even found time to pound almond seeds, just like in the old days when we were children growing up,” said Mrs. Collins, adding that getting her husband from Philadelphia to try local almonds was a laugh.

“He figured we were all crazy to eat such things off the land, and even crazier for wanting him to try something he didn’t think we knew anything about,” she said.

“This is the coldest February I can recall for quite some time,” said Mrs. Lingard. “Often time it’s getting hot this time [of] year.”

The temperature on Wednesday was officially 79 degrees, but up in North Side on the beach, with the chilly winds, they said it felt more like in the 60s.

The breezy weather is expected to stay around for a few more days.

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