Five plead guilty to credit card fraud

Offenses occurred in 2015

Four men and one woman, all foreign nationals, entered various pleas to credit card related charges on Friday. Sentencing was set for Tuesday after Crown counsel Toying Salako said she was of the view that social inquiry reports would serve no useful purpose.

Three of the defendants are Romanian nationals: Ovidui-Giulian Dobrea, 40; Ionut-Catalin Petcu, 27; and Marius-Ioan Bud-Popa, 42. Ayoub Cheaaibi, 27, is a British national. The woman, Nytia Tynea Bradley, 26, is an American.

All five pleaded guilty to conspiracy with persons unknown between Oct. 24 and Nov. 3 to defraud by using cloned credit cards.

All five were charged with possession of criminal property – that on Nov. 3 they were in joint possession of $13,307.64 cash. Cheaaibi and Bradley pleaded not guilty; the three Romanians pleaded guilty.

There were several charges of converting criminal property – cash – by using it to pay for goods or services.

Cheaaibi pleaded guilty to converting $555 by paying it to a local store for a computer.
Petcu admitted converting $465 by paying Treasure Island Resort for a stay.

Cheaaibi and Bradley pleaded guilty to converting $188.87 by paying a local store for clothing, and $1,300 to another store for jewelry.

Cheaaibi pleaded guilty to converting $75 to pay for a bottle of perfume, and $59 for aftershave. Bradley pleaded not guilty to these two charges.

Dobrea, Petcu and Popa admitted converting criminal property by paying $1,441.54 for airline tickets, and $99 for aftershave.

Popa pleaded guilty to transferring criminal property out of the Cayman Islands, the amount being US$182. [The sums of money in all other charges were in CI currency.]

Bradley pleaded not guilty to attempting to obtain services by deception at the Treasure Island resort by presenting a fake credit card as genuine.

Ms. Salako said the pleas as entered were acceptable to the Crown.

Since each defendant has his or her own attorney, it took some time to find a date for sentencing that fit everyone’s diary. However, Justice Charles Quin was able to set Tuesday for the five to be brought to court from custody to finalize the matter.

When the five first appeared in Summary Court in November, the presiding magistrate heard that the conspiracy was to defraud local banks by dishonestly withdrawing cash from Automatic Teller Machines with the use of cloned credit cards.

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