Speed, alcohol were factors in 2014 fatality

An inquest into the death of Roger Roylin Powell, 30, in a car accident resulted in a verdict of misadventure.

Mr. Powell died after his car collided with a utility pole in Breakers on Nov. 22, 2014.

A coroner’s jury heard Monday that laboratory tests showed the presence of alcohol above the legal limit of 0.100. One test result was 0.246; the second test was 0.280.

The jury also heard evidence that Mr. Powell was driving in excess of 65 mph along a 30 mph stretch of road.

Queen’s coroner Eileen Nervik read the statement of Vincent Walters, an accident reconstructionist, and gave jurors copies of photographs and a sketch of the scene. They show a sharp right-hand bend in the road east of the Lighthouse restaurant.

Mr. Powell was coming from the east, driving toward George Town.

Mr. Walters noted that the speed limit in the area is 30 mph. The maximum speed at which the curve could be negotiated safely was 65 mph.

The car failed to follow the curvature of the road and went onto the road shoulder and then onto a rocky grass surface for 236 feet before colliding with the pole.

Mr. Walters said the car failed to follow the curve of the road because it was traveling in excess of 65 mph.

There was a dark skid mark on the road shoulder, indicating that Mr. Powell applied his brakes. He also steered to the right, causing the car to rotate clockwise 90 degrees and continue sliding sideways, Mr. Walters said.

Pictures showed scattered parts of the vehicle, with the main body of the car in two pieces and the speedometer needle stopped at 60 mph.

Dr. Shravana Jyoti told the court that the post-mortem examination showed high-speed blunt impact trauma injuries to the head, chest and abdomen. An injury to the heart was fatal in itself.

The pathologist noted that Mr. Powell had been wearing a seat belt.

In her summing up, the coroner noted there was no evidence to show that anyone else was involved.

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