Shot fired during robbery at West Bay restaurant

One customer was struck in the head, several other customers were robbed and a shot was fired during a hold-up at West Bay’s Alfresco restaurant Sunday night.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported that a number of customers dining on the outdoor deck of the North West Point Road eatery were accosted by two of the three suspects who stormed the business just after 9 p.m. Sunday. One customer sustained a head injury, according to owner Phillip Wilson, who took over the operation just a few months ago.

A police report on the incident said the customer who was struck got into a struggle with one of the suspects, at which point another robber fired a shot into the air. Upon hearing the gunshot, police said the customer surrendered his wallet. The customer was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

According to police, a gun-toting suspect wearing a ski mask took money from the cash register, while two other men wearing bandanas over their faces took money and other belongings from customers on the outdoor patio. Mr. Wilson said there were dozens of tourists and local patrons there at the time.

“It’s really sad,” he said. “Alfresco is so important to bringing tourism into the community.

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We had a lot of tourists there [Sunday] and we lost a lot of money [Sunday] night.”
Police said the three suspects ran to Henning Lane and fled in a silver car headed in the direction of West Church Street. Officers cordoned off the scene and interviewed witnesses.

No arrests were immediately reported.

Minimart robbed

The Alfresco robbery was one of a pair of weekend robberies to occur in West Bay district.
About 24 hours earlier, Eddie’s No. 2 Minimart (known as Malcolm’s Minimart) on Birch Tree Hill Road was robbed by a man who police said pointed a handgun at a female employee who was alone in the store.

Police said the suspect emptied the cash register and also took five mobile phones.
The store employee was not hurt. The suspect is described as about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, with dark brown skin, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a sweater. Police said he carried a black or purple string bag during the robbery.

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  1. Is it me or is at the point of no return…They won, that safe haven rep is gone..hurts

    In my opinion, if it even matters, this is all due a complete lack of respect for the people tasked with protecting the public..

    I don’t think Cayman is lost but the days of Gated Communities being commonplace has arrived as people will surely no longer feel safe going outside of their own gates after dark..

  2. I wonder if Government see that crime is destroying the Islands , every day one or there crimes are happening , but I find it applauding that the crimes are happening in certain areas and to certain people .
    we have to exclude the two police station robbery , because the the police has no proof of who committed those robberys .

    I think that if Government don’t start controlling the crime issue , that the criminals would be controlling the government . That would be bad for little Islands like Cayman .

  3. I am sure the thugs who did this are well known. Probably even to the police. People are spending money they didn’t earn and bragging to their friends.

    But no one will give them up.

    Meanwhile the Cayman Islands that used to draw the tourists will disappear. Unemployment will rise and government revenue will drop.

    So very sad.

    Maybe one day people will realize they have destroyed their country.

  4. If this incident does not cause the police, premier, govenor, and citizens to take immediate, significant action, then adios Cayman, you are doomed. Is this excessive? A patio of tourists at a popular SMB area restaurant witnessed a brazen armed robbery and assault! Excessive? Not if you don’t care about any tourist capital, and yes Cayman you do need tourist capital, like it or not. This is a small island it is not difficult at all to control these persons, it only takes a desire and an effort, something completely lacking with the police at this time. Sad future indeed for Cayman.

  5. What a tragedy for the people trying to build a business and livelihood. We have enjoyed eating at Alfresco from time to time. I doubt that my family and friends will feel comfortable to return. Thugs win – honest hard working people lose.