Prisoners pitch in with coastal clean up

Prisoners help clean up a mile-long stretch of coastline in North Side this week.

Prisoners are helping clean up beaches in North Side as part of their rehabilitation process. More than 90 bags of trash were removed from a mile-long stretch of coastline during the community project this week.

Richard Barton, acting deputy director responsible for rehabilitation in the prison service, said the prisoners had worked hard and their efforts had been appreciated in the community.

“Most of the prisoners that are held at HMP Northward and Fairbanks are local citizens and they must return to these very communities when released,” Mr. Barton said. “It is good for them to be a part of the restoration and work going on, establish networks and build relationships with community members.

“All of this will ease their re-entry into society once they are released.”

Prison Director Mr. Neil Lavis said he will continue to support community projects as much as the resources of the Prison Service allow. “When prisoners assist, we must also provide staff to supervise the prisoners, so it is not always easy considering our present understaffing. But we are happy to help in any way we can,” he said.

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