50 years ago: A bull arrives, an eatery opens

Cayman-brac--50-years-finalIn the April 20, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“Development: A month ago Captain Clyde Scott of the West End added to his cattle stock a 9-month-old bull of a breed developed in the U.S. for fine beef quality. This Shawbray breed was recommended by the veterinary and agriculture department of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for its hardiness and adaptability. A health certificate accompanied the animal.

“Dr. D.C. Hague, Food and Agriculture Organization specialist in animal husbandry, and Mr. Vernie Bernard of the Cayman Islands agriculture department, who were on official assignment to Cayman Brac, examined the animal on its arrival on M.V. Kirksons and were satisfied of its immunity and were pleased to eyewitness this step of progress.

“This is the fourth thoroughbred bull that Captain Clyde has imported, having had previously two Jerseys and a Cebu Holstein from Jamaica.

“‘The Blue Mahoe,’ a venture in local enterprise, opened informally with a rice and peas and chicken supper served to a gathering of well-wishers, among them whom were the District Commissioner and Mrs. Foster, on Monday evening, April 4.

“Cooked meals are a daily service. There is a fine display of millinery, knitted, crochet and straw work. For good measure, cabbages and other green vegetables grow in the plot around the house, which is made possible by the combination of mouldy soil (natural up against the Bluff) well water by pressure pump and the industry of proprietress Delmah, Mrs. Beresford Jackson.

“On Easter Monday M.V. Kirksons landed material and equipment consigned to Mr. A.F. Dantzler of Pascagula, Mississippi, for his home to be built at South East Bay on the South Side. This was received by Mr. Bob Benefield, general contractor, also of Pascagula, who is supervising the construction.

“Messrs. Algie Ryan and Winton Ritch are the local representatives in charge of preliminary work. Mr. Benefield and his wife spent a week here, leaving last Thursday and are due back about May 1 for three months when they will bring their children.

“Welcome also to our own Jimmy Ryan on vacation from West Bay Primary School, and Islay, Mrs. Warren Conolly, the headmistress of East End Primary School, who with her two sons were visiting her parents, Captain Harris and Mrs. Ella Bodden of the Creek.”

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