Cleanup sparks call for further action

Cleanup crew members Dale Bodden, Lisa Daniels (in tire), Crosby Solomon (in yellow), and Katherine Whittaker.

The tally was considerable, the volunteers were weary and, in terms of making Bodden Town a cleaner place, the result was a positive one at this year’s Earth Day cleanups in the district.

Trecia Barnes and her team cleaned up near Bodden Town police station.
Trecia Barnes and her team cleaned up near Bodden Town police station.

The 50 or so volunteers who took part in the Bodden Town portion of the island-wide Earth Day cleanup on April 16 collected hundreds of bags of trash.

“Our area teams were collecting 40, 50 bags in their designated zones, just in the few hours that they were out, from around 7-11 a.m. that day,” said Heather Bodden, an advocate for island beautification, who helped coordinate the cleanup for the local Progressives MLA office.

“It’s in my blood,” she says of her passion for conservation, which she says runs in the family.

Notable cleanup coups included five garbage bags of empty cans and bottles collected in just one location, and giant piles of rubbish agglomerated at pickup points throughout the district, from Savannah to Frank Sound Road.

“We all did that on Saturday, but there was so much left to do, workers were hired to continue with the extensive cleanup that remained to be done in the district,” said Ms. Bodden.

She said the cleanup crews worked throughout the following week, into the next weekend.

“In our district, we have areas that have garbage piled up for months, telling us that, on one hand, these kinds of cleanups need, for now, to be done more often.”

On the other hand, she argues, the amount of trash the cleanup identified signifies a bigger problem.

The mother and daugher team of Lilleth and Indira McLaughlin.
The mother and daugher team of Lilleth and Indira McLaughlin.

“In the district there was a lot of litter, but also items like mattresses and appliances that had just been tossed and left, and it’s giving the impression that at least some people just don’t care,” she said, adding that such items are not only unsightly but attract vermin and pests.

“It’s disheartening to see so much trash, as first and foremost, it’s something I despise to see on our beautiful beloved island.”

Ms. Bodden said she found it particularly discouraging that the cleanup volunteers and workers found piles of trash so close to available garbage bins.

“If we don’t get a handle on this issue, the island will become one big dumping ground,” she said. “We have a landfill, which is where all trash, particularly large items, should be dumped.”

Ms. Bodden said the cleanup findings should be motivation for strengthening and enforcing laws that penalize litterbugs.

“People need to be made accountable for this kind of behavior, they need to be named and shamed.”


  1. Ms Bodden I applaud you and your clean up crew for having so much love for your
    district , hope others follow.
    I think that you should forget about name and shame those kind of people ,
    Get government to give the clean up committee special power to do citizens arrest and Prosecution, and have them
    Prosecuted to the fullest. Then you’ll keep your district clean and beautiful .

  2. First thing I must congratulate the team for their effort, however Keep POLITICS out of it. Referring to paragraph 3 of this report where Ms. Heather Bodden states she helped co-ordinate the clean up on behalf of the “PROGRESSIVE MLA OFFICE” Bodden Town of course.
    Why couldn’t this be done without involving MLA Office, and would like to know what did the PROGRESSIVE MLA OFFICE did in contributing to this clean up. Did they buy the garbage bags? Did they paid the people who cleaned up? then it would not have been volunteered.
    Was only special “Front Page” areas targeted?.
    Volunteers do this once a year. It needs to be done once a week not to accumulate.
    Has anyone taken a drive through from the Adventist Church in Bodden Town out to Gun Square, recently?; make a left turn and check the Harry McCoy Park, the Mission House. It is a total disgrace. The Mission house park is used constantly on a daily evening basis for hang out for drug users, and the by-pass road an escape for criminals.
    Of course if MLA OFFICE want to do something then take over the environmental Health responsibilities and have these areas cleaned up. Have some TEETH and see that TICTETS are issued for people to go to court or “CLEAN UP” their mess. No it is not happening, and you know why? It is called VOTE BUYING in a different form, where you do what you please, I will turn a blind eye once you vote for me. Take the road from Gun square straight down to Mission House. Dear me, I wonder how in the world that people living in this area can even think about running for a seat in the LA. The same way a person has a dirty house and yard they will do the same thing once in the LA. Dirty LA Nothing more and nothing less..

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