Savannah school crossing sign flattened

Sav-primary-sign-(Read-Only)A lighted pedestrian crossing sign in front of Savannah Primary School has been knocked down, less than a month after it was installed.

Bodden Town Progressives office manager, Heather Bodden said the sign was severely damaged last weekend and a new one will have to be ordered.

Ms. Bodden is shaken by the incident since the sign is there expressly for the safety of youngsters leaving the school, which sits on busy Shamrock Road. “This is unacceptable and a strong message must be sent that the signs are placed for our children’s and others’ safety,” Ms. Bodden said.

“We experience a very serious speeding problem on this very street in front of the Savannah Primary School daily,” she added. “Drivers need to adhere to the yellow flashing signals.”

Calling the incident “most upsetting,” Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden was incredulous that a driver had already knocked down a sign that had been up less than a month.

“I’ve asked the NRA and RCIPS to make all efforts to find out how this happened and charge the driver, if necessary, and have them pay for the sign as well,” said Mr. Bodden. “I pushed for about a year to get these [lighted crossing signs] for the two school zones [in the district] and it’s very disheartening to see. Suppose this was a pedestrian instead, or God forbid, one of our kids?”

It’s not the only sign that has been knocked down in the area recently, Mr. Bodden pointed out.

“Drivers have to do better in this busy commerce and school area. I’m asking all drivers to drive with more care in this area, before it’s a person instead of a post.”

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