Irish rugby star to coach Cayman youth

Former Ireland rugby star Brian Robinson has a simple message for Caymanian youth when it comes to sports, “just try it.”

Brian Robinson, the former Ireland rugby star, comes to Cayman this weekend.
Brian Robinson, the former Ireland rugby star, comes to Cayman this weekend.

Robinson, who was capped 25 times by his country, comes to Cayman this weekend to lead a rugby clinic for the Under-14 and Under-16 national squads.

The former Ireland No. 8, now head of physical education at Campbell College, Belfast, also has a wider remit to promote sports and exercise among young people.

It is his first visit to the Cayman Islands and he says he is looking forward to experiencing the island vibe and talking to youngsters and sports leaders.

“I am being given the chance to interact with sports people and, hopefully, promote the virtues of sport in education,” he said.

Though he reached the peak of his sport, playing professionally for Ulster and London Irish, his main message is about participation, fun and health.

“I am looking forward to working with the young players in Cayman and encouraging all children to get active – whether it is rugby, golf, cricket or simply going for a run,” he said.

“There are so many organized sports or active leisure activities to pick from which will add to your experience. You have to grab life and well-rounded citizens often see exercise as being pivotal to a balanced lifestyle.”

Mr. Robinson said he will also be emphasizing the benefits of an overseas education to youngsters, including the merits of Campbell College.

He said he believes schools have a big role to play in offering a balanced education to help young people meet their potential.

“Each school is under increasing pressure to produce results and maximize young people’s potential. Balance is key and sport plays its role in producing healthy, active, creative, hard-working young people who will add positively to society.

“Sport, when organized in an inclusive way, creates positive experiences, and the active habits which will last a lifetime, so important in this increasingly sedentary world. Evidence suggests that sport and activity augment energy levels, creativity and focus, which are the foundation of academic success.”

He said he was sold on the charms of the Cayman Islands by a 16-year-old student at the school.

“Finn Galway, a young Caymanian who recently joined Campbell College, has been advertising the beauty and character of the island. He has thrived since joining the college,” he said.

Robinson will host a clinic at the South Sound rugby facility on Saturday morning and will attend a brunch at George Town Yacht Club on Sunday.

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