Speaking out against cruelty to animals

“Editorial – Keeping quiet on animal cruelty and crime,” April 28

After volunteering for a bit at the Humane Society, we fell in love and adopted a mix. After bringing her to the Department of Agriculture (where they tried to get us to surrender her), we were told she wouldn’t be allowed back on island because she might have been mixed with an aggressive breed. But after seeing how many poisonings, purposeful starvations, and lack of enforcement continue to plague the island – I’m not sure I’d want to bring my dog back on island.

Joseph Tepper

Can we please be honest here for a second? How many people would report their neighbor for animal cruelty if they suspect that their neighbor is involved in criminal activity and is likely to be someone that has access to illegal firearms?

While the police now have bulletproof vests, Tasers and guns to protect themselves from the new face of crime in the Cayman Islands, what exactly do the ordinary citizens have that they can use to protect themselves?

The citizens of this country are as much if not more on the front lines of the fight against crime in this country but have no additional means to protect themselves and their families.

Mack Boland

Keeping quiet on animal cruelty and crime … How do we expect to live in a civilized world when we see a dog being tied up and punished to death, and hide and protect criminals with no consequences?

What is this teaching the kids – the next generation? Or do we want to continue to live in an uncivilized country while government remains sitting down and being just like the enablers?

Ron and Clair Ebanks

I am so sickened by the cruelty, ignorance and neglect by Cayman residents, and the same for the police and legislators, turning their heads and not dealing with cruelty to animals, that I cannot speak on this subject at this time.

Lukishi Brown

“‘The worse cast of abuse I have ever seen,’” April 27

Very sad story, but again there is someone to blame and obviously people who are responsible for certain jobs are definitely not doing their job. These departments will not prosecute people, and it is high time they start giving out tickets for this neglect and stop burying the evidence.

When you encounter some of the workers in departments like Agriculture and Environmental Health, it makes you wonder why these places are not closed down.

Government needs to seriously look into these two departments. Back in the day when there were only two or three employees, people in those departments did their jobs. They visited neighbors and you were told to get things in order before they came back. Nowadays, you do not see anyone checking unsightly garbage dumps in people’s front yards.

You want to tell me that decent citizens have to put up with this? Plus the rats running across the road day and night?

When you complain to the workers, they complain that they need more money. This department that is responsible for seeing that places are kept clean from front yard garbage dumps – government need to fire everyone and get a new crew of workers in all departments.

Many will not be happy with my comments; no problem, someone has to have enough guts to speak about these things. Wild cats, wild dogs, they are everywhere, tied and untied, and no one speaks out, but why can’t the responsible departments drive around and do their jobs instead of sitting down on the roadside eating lunch every hour on the hour, and the other shot callers sitting in the air conditioning on their cell phone? Everybody is a boss. Make a call and see how many bosses you must go through.

Twyla Vargas

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” What would this amazing man have thought of the Cayman Islands when not only are its animals so horribly mistreated and abused, but when those in a position to stop the abuse and prosecute the offenders turn a blind eye and do nothing? Reading this article absolutely sickened me.

It’s time for the Department of Agriculture to step up. Hire more enforcement officers. It’s time for the police to make the arrests, for the offenders to be found guilty in a court of law.

Maybe then others would realize that there are consequences for abusing animals, even if their conscience does not guide them to do what is right. Let’s make Cayman a nation Mahatma Gandhi would have called “great.”

Kelly Reineking

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