Youth sent to Grand Court for robberies

Case to be sent to Grand Court

A 15-year-old boy appeared in Summary Court on Monday charged with two counts of robbery, an offense that can be dealt with only in the Grand Court.

Both robberies occurred at Eddie’s Minimart No. 2 on Birch Tree Hill Road in West Bay and involved putting a named person in fear of being subjected to force.

The first robbery occurred on March 19, when the items stolen included $930 in cash and five cellphones valued at $175 each. The total value was $1,805.

The second robbery took place on April 21. The youth is accused of stealing $434 in cash and five packs of flavored cigarette wrappers valued at $2.25 each. The total value was $445.25.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats told the youth that the charges were serious and the only thing he could do was send them to the higher court.

Attorney John Furniss acknowledged that any application for bail will have to be in Grand Court. Mr. Furniss assisted after officers were unable to contact another attorney named by an adult who attended court. The adult was advised to apply for legal aid on behalf of the teenager.

A press release sent out by police indicated that the arrest came about after officers observed stolen property in the possession of the youth while they were conducting an investigation of a separate matter.

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