Hurricane season preparations under way

In preparation for the hurricane season, the Public Works Department and the National Roads Authority will conduct shuttering exercises beginning this week.

A Public Works Department employee installs hurricane shutters during a previous year’s hurricane exercise.
A Public Works Department employee installs hurricane shutters during a previous year’s hurricane exercise.

Starting Wednesday, hurricane shutters will be installed on more than 100 government buildings and 16 hurricane shelters on Grand Cayman.

As part of the dry-run, teams will also start standby generators in key government buildings and shelters, as well as check cistern water levels, according to a government press release.

Once shelters and buildings are secured, inspectors will examine the facilities to certify that they are adequately prepared.

The Sister Islands’ District Administration office will begin its hurricane shuttering exercise on Friday.

Officials are encouraging home and business owners to consider emergency plans and to review home protection plans before June 1, the start of the hurricane season.

Officials encourage residents to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have materials (usually plywood or purpose-built aluminum shutters) ready to cover windows and glass doors in the event of a hurricane threat?
  • Where will these materials be obtained, and when and how will they be installed? In the event of a storm, it is often too late to consider this step, as once a hurricane warning has been issued, these materials are in high demand and often in very short supply.
  • Is your home a safe place to stay during a hurricane? If it is near the sea, or if it is of poor construction, then the home is not safe in this situation.
  • If your home is not safe, where will you stay? In the home of a friend or relative? At your workplace, or in a public hurricane shelter?

Staying in a hurricane shelter should be considered a last resort, as shelters will be crowded and uncomfortable. Due to limited space in the shelters, officials encourage you to stay in the safe home of a friend or relative, or at your workplace.

For more information about national hurricane preparations, visit, or call 945-4624, or call the Public Works Department on 949-2547.