Cabinet gives $1 million to new cybersecurity initiative

Interpol, GCHQ helped develop plan

Interpol and GCHQ, the United Kingdom’s surveillance organization, have visited Cayman over the past six months to help the country develop a new plan for cybersecurity, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts revealed Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly.

He said government invited the two agencies separately to help develop a plan to protect information and infrastructure in Cayman from malicious hackers. Government created a new working group to tackle cybersecurity issues, dubbed the CIG Cyber Team, and set aside $1 million to begin funding the initiative, Mr. Tibbetts said.

“These islands have become a target for cybercriminals,” Mr. Tibbetts said on the floor of the House.

He noted that government received the report from Interpol in February and a plan for information security from the CIG team. Mr. Tibbetts said the Information and Communications Technology Authority invited Interpol.

Representatives from the international policing organization also met with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and other organizations.

Earlier this year government put out two requests for proposals related to increased security for government networks. The first is for updated firewall equipment to harden the network and prevent hackers from getting easy access through outdated equipment.

The second request for proposals is to develop a plan to bring the Cayman Islands government up to international standards to protect critical infrastructure from hackers and to manage cybersecurity risks.


  1. Why is the regulator getting involved in law enforcement? Crazy! Not in the UK or Can does the regulator do this. So if we get the same level of support and they give us in regulations, time to break out the pencil and paper!

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