Primary school students visit Joint Marine Unit

The RCIPS Joint Marine Unit recently hosted 32 Bodden Town Primary school Year 1 students on an action-packed day-long field trip on April 28.

The group visited various emergency response departments, where Senior Captain PC Hugh Bush and Customs Officer Randolph Jackson presented the duties of the police marine officers, describing a typical day for a police captain or navigator.

The children also boarded vessels while marine officers described the controls and functions of the boats. Above, the class and marine officers are pictured in front of the marine vessel Guardian.

“If we are looking for future leaders in the police, recruiting starts now in the schools,’ says Inspector Leo Anglin, marine commander, ‘and what better way to introduce these children to the possibility of a police career and maybe pique their interest than for them to see for themselves what our daily work looks like? I think they saw during their visit that our jobs are tough, yes, but rewarding.”


  1. I think that the idea of getting the kids started at a young age is way to go .
    This could lead to a lot of good things for the Islands , like search and rescue officers , law enforcement officers , most of all I think that Cayman Islands is loosing our seamanship culture .
    These kids need to be also exposed to all aspects of watersport in the Islands, so that one day they can continue everything and not be scared of the water and know what has to done when the time come .

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