Ghostly littering in Cayman Brac

I think it must be the capricious activity of a duppy! Or several duppies. It must be several. They are the mythic entities, nondescript shape-shifters, that roam the Cayman Islands, especially the Brac … and up on the bluff. At night. It must be them, because surely the permanent residents and visitors would not continue, every night, to throw trash (beer bottles, plastic water bottles, styrofoam lunch boxes, cigarette packets, napkins and some unmentionables) all along the roadsides.

The day before Earth Day, I collected several garbage bags worth of roadside trash from Ashton Reid Drive.

Two days later, 20 more bottles appeared. Then yesterday, 65 items! A short, one-mile stretch of road.

So, if you are driving along at night, and see one or more of these scary creatures, stop and tell them to get a grip and just knock it off, because we love our beautiful island. You do not scare us, nasty duppy!

Roger Bowen

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