Burger King employees mugged, threatened

Two workers were held up by armed suspects as they left the Walkers Road Burger King late Wednesday, Royal Cayman Islands Police reported.

The restaurant employees told police that two suspects, both carrying handguns, tried to use one of the workers to get back into the restaurant after it was closed for the night.

After they failed to get into the business, police said the robbers took the female worker’s handbag. The armed men then ran off, just before midnight Wednesday police said.

No one was physically hurt in the incident and no shots were fired.


  1. I am almost speechless. I said almost. Day in and day out we now have armed robberies, it has become place. The criminal element does what it knows it can get away with. If they do not feel there will be much chance of being caught, they do it. Repetitive robberies if the police facilities a case in point. I am not sure how the RCIPS cannot bee incredibly embarrassed by this, it is sadly laughable. With the repeated armed ribberies I have yet to hear anything from the police, premier, or govenor addressing the issue. How is unreasonable to recognize the issue, create a plan, enact the plan, and reassure the public that action is being taken? Months ago a reader commented on a friend who was house invaded here and was considering writing an article in a New York paper, he hesitated because he did not want to hurt the island. Unfortunately it is time he write his article, it seems the powers at be in Cayman will need to learn the hard way for their complacency. Maybe empty new hotels, due to decreased overnight tourism, will open some eyes.

  2. I endorse John Smith’s views on the armed robberies. Maybe I’m missing something or I don’t know what I’m talking about. How many more armed robberies will take place before drastic measures are adopted to curb the tide? How do guns/ammo enter the island without the knowledge of law enforcement? I wish I had the answer for this vexing problem.Like the cartoon appearing in the Jamaica Gleaner many years ago, which read, “What this island needs is somebody who knows what this island needs.”

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