UPDATED: Roads re-opened after airport emergency exercise

Participants in the Civil Aviation Authority's airport emergency drill act like they have injuries from a mock "plane crash." - Photo: Matt Lamers

***Update, 1:15 p.m.***

Police advise that all traffic restrictions associated with the airport emergency exercise have been lifted.

***Original story***

The Civil Aviation Authority’s large-scale airport emergency exercise is now under way.

Involving several agencies and hundreds of participants (many wearing gory “makeup” to mimic injuries), the scenario is that a Boeing 727-200 cargo aircraft has “crash-landed” on the Smith Road Cricket Oval.

Motorists should be advised that the drill will cause various road closures around the airport.

According to police, the following roads will be affected:

  • Agnes Way/Crewe Road (near RCIPS Traffic Office)
    Traffic traveling from Crewe Road towards GT must turn right toward Linford Pierson
  • Bobby Thompson/Smith Road Intersection
    Traffic from Linford Pierson Highway must turn left toward George Town Hospital only
    No right turn from Bobby Thompson
    No traffic allowed straight onto Huldah Avenue
  • Cayman National Bank Roundabout: Huldah/Elgin
    No entry onto Huldah until 11:30AM, from Elgin Avenue only
  • NAPA Roundabout: Dorcy Drive/Crewe Road
    Dorcy to Crewe: right turn only
  • No access to Airport: Road blocked at Breezy Way Intersection on Airport Road
  • Red Gate Road onto Owen Roberts Drive (Airport Road)
    Exit blocked toward airport only

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