Longer passport processing times expected

British Overseas Territories passport holders are urged to give themselves enough time to receive travel documents prior to travelling on a new or renewed passport, as passport processing times have lengthened.

cayman passportThe remaining British territories are now having their passports processed and printed in the U.K., meaning the time required to issue a passport is between four to six weeks.

Processing times for a lost or stolen passport are longer, at about six to eight weeks.

Anyone visiting the U.S. who is a non-citizen and who is using a British Overseas Territories Passport must ensure their documents are valid for at least six months after their intended date of departure from the U.S. Visa waivers for a single entry into the U.S. from the Cayman Islands take about three working days to process, but those waivers cannot be issued to individuals with a past criminal conviction or to someone who has previously been denied a travel visa.

Any British citizen traveling to the U.S. without a visitors visa must obtain online authorization for that travel at ESTA or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA can be accessed at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov.

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