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Premier: Brexit could bring opportunities

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said that, based on assessments, Britain’s exit from the European Union will have little direct impact on the Cayman Islands, but may present an issue for financial services.

Constitutional changes expected to be confirmed by Privy Council in February

Cayman's constitutional changes order are expected to be confirmed by the Privy Council in February 2020, according to a statement from the Premier's Office.

Amid Brexit uncertainty, few fears for Cayman

A ‘no deal’ Brexit would likely have little direct impact on the Cayman Islands, according to the United Kingdom’s representative here, Governor Martyn Roper.

Caribbean islands collaborate on marine conservation

Islands across the Caribbean are pushing towards a major environmental goal: to conserve and manage at least 20% of their marine and coastal areas by 2020.

Premier: Criticisms of overreach directed at Parliament, not UK government

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin sought to clear the air Friday following comments by fellow British Overseas Territories leaders regarding “constitutional overreach” by the United Kingdom.

UK minister: Relationship with territories has ups and downs

When he became minister of state at the Foreign Office, Lord Tariq Ahmad expected the Caribbean and the British Overseas Territories to be the “nice and quiet” part of his portfolio.

Digital crimefighting hub to open in Cayman

A new digital forensics hub in Grand Cayman will help tackle increasingly sophisticated cybercrooks both here and across the Overseas Territories.

Lawyer: Marriage ruling could have domino effect in territories

A historic ruling to legalise same-sex marriage in the Cayman Islands could have a domino effect across the British Overseas Territories, according to a leading human rights lawyer.

Committee calls on UK to intervene if Overseas Territories do not legalize same-sex marriage

A committee of U.K. lawmakers is urging its government to intervene if the British Overseas Territories do not legalize same-sex marriage or abolish rules tied to belongership, the equivalent to Caymanian status, or a similar status.

UK, Overseas Territories attorneys general gather in Cayman

The two-day Overseas Territories Attorneys General Conference 2019 kicked off Tuesday morning, with AGs and other delegates from 13 jurisdictions gathering in Cayman to discuss issues of mutual interest.

UK will not step in on same-sex marriage

The United Kingdom has no current plans force its overseas territories to legalize same-sex marriage through an order in council.

FCO: Beneficial ownership register to be made public by 2023

The U.K. has indicated that it will issue an order in council instructing British Overseas Territories to establish fully operational public registers of beneficial ownership by 2023, if they have not done so by the end of 2020.

Cayman, UK hold constitutional talks

The U.K. government will formally respond in the coming weeks to proposed constitutional safeguards made by the Cayman Islands government.
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New website for Red Ensign Group

The Red Ensign Group of shipping registries in the U.K., the Crown Dependencies and the U.K. Overseas Territories has launched a new website following a substantial revamp.

PAC members attend London symposium

Public Accounts Committee members Bernie Bush and Austin Harris attended a symposium in London last week that addressed tackling corruption in public spending and identifying wasteful spending.

Cayman’s UK rep to attend hearing for Commons Select Committee

Eric Bush, Cayman’s representative to the United Kingdom, is scheduled to attend a hearing with the Commons Select Committee on Tuesday as part of the ongoing inquiry into the relationship between the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Overseas Territories.

Cayman, UK resume crime-fighting cooperation

The U.K. and the Cayman Islands have reached an agreement that will allow the continued cooperation in the fight against money laundering and other crime under an agreement struck more than two years ago.

Conflict between UK, Cayman over financial investigations

The National Crime Agency, the U.K.’s equivalent of the FBI, has claimed it is not getting the information it needs from the Cayman Islands in its anti-money laundering and criminal investigations.

UK committee opens inquiry into relationship with OTs

The United Kingdom’s Commons Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the relationship between the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Overseas Territories.

Cayman gets support from Caricom on UK issues

Member states of the Caribbean Community, also called Caricom, have given full support to Cayman and the other British Overseas Territories in their ongoing battle against a move to force public company ownership registers upon those territories.

As tensions with UK mount, Commonwealth mulls tighter alliance

With constant threats of blacklists, gray lists and other financial sanctions, the Cayman Islands and other British Overseas Territories have a long-standing contentious relationship with international bodies such as the European Union and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Law changes make Caymanian spouses equal in citizenship claims

Foreign spouses of Caymanians will no longer be treated unequally when it comes to requirements for British Overseas Territories citizenship.

Discontent grows in overseas territories over British rule

Voices of discontent over British rule are growing louder across the U.K.’s overseas territories in the wake of the controversial decision to mandate public beneficial ownership registries.

Overseas Territories heads meet at London talks

The British Overseas Territories heads of government and their delegations pose for a group photograph outside Church House in Westminster, London, on Wednesday.

EDITORIAL – Ownership registry: A clear picture of the fight ahead

By all accounts, Cayman and other offshore jurisdictions have a tough fight ahead of us. We need the facts in our arsenal. And we need friends in London, like Lord Ahmad, who will help our leaders realistically chart a path forward.

UK ‘will consider’ constitution changes

The Cayman Islands came away with no promises on constitutional change following Lord Tariq Ahmad’s brief visit Wednesday, but the British Overseas Territories minister said any proposals made by Cayman would be given due consideration.

Overseas territories minister visits Cayman

Lord Ahmad was in Cayman for about five hours, as part of a regional tour to discuss hurricane preparedness and public registers of beneficial ownership with local politicians and members of the financial services industry.

BVI holds protest against UK’s public registry rule

More than 1,000 British Virgin Islands residents took to the streets to protest the United Kingdom on Thursday, the same day Queen Elizabeth II gave royal assent to legislation that forces British Overseas Territories to implement public company registers by December 2020.

UK Minister to focus on finance, hurricanes during Cayman visit

Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon is set to arrive in Cayman Wednesday for a review of the island chain’s hurricane preparedness and to discuss issues related to Cayman’s company ownership registry.

House of Lords paves way for OT public ownership registries

The House of Lords has agreed to a controversial amendment of the U.K. Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill that instructs the British government to draft an order in council to institute publicly accessible registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories by the end of 2020, if they have not been set up by then.

‘Here’s to another 60 glorious years’

Fresh off an embarrassing legislative revolt among his own party during a parliamentary vote that sought to force public company ownership registers on British Overseas Territories, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a London audience Monday night that Cayman would remain part of the United Kingdom.

After UK ‘betrayal,’ Premier heads to London for private meetings

A pall has been cast over what was supposed to be a celebratory event in London early next week marking the 60-year anniversary of the Cayman Islands coat-of-arms following a vote in the U.K. House of Commons that many observers believe will do serious damage to Cayman’s financial services industry.

How it happened: The UK House of Commons vote

A swirling vortex of political gamesmanship, played against the backdrop of a crucial Brexit vote and a weakened U.K. coalition government, left the Cayman Islands and its sister British Overseas Territories on the losing end of Tuesday’s House of Commons vote.

EDITORIAL – Betrayal!

While Cayman and its elected leaders slept during the early morning hours of May 1, a cabal of British politicians gathered with the explicit intent of doing great harm to these Cayman Islands – the very islands which, through tradition and law, they are entrusted to protect.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Cayman makes last attempt to avoid EU blacklist

A Cayman delegation left for London Friday with little more than a week left to appeal to U.K. and European officials against its potential inclusion on a financial services “blacklist” being promulgated by the European Union group of finance ministers [ECOFIN].

Governor to expedite citizenship bids

Recent permanent residence grantees who have waited more than 15 months to receive that immigration status may now apply immediately for naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

Cayman delivers aid to TCI: ‘This trip was about helping neighbors’

Hurricane relief efforts are slowly moving from response to recovery in British Overseas Territories battered by an active storm season, according to Cayman Islands aid workers.
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Cayman schools taking in hurricane evacuees

British Overseas Territories residents who have evacuated from the eastern Caribbean to Cayman in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria will be able to send their children to local schools.

On humanitarian trip to Anguilla, Irma brings back memories of Ivan

When Premier Alden McLaughlin first stepped on the ground of hurricane-ravaged Anguilla on Tuesday afternoon, he said he had a flashback to September 2004. “It brought back in a rush the images, smells and feelings of the aftermath of Ivan."

Caymanian status troubles affect permanent residence applicants

A long-standing problem that involves significant difficulty in proving whether a person is Caymanian has affected a number of applicants for permanent residence in recent weeks.

Premier: UK must ‘moderate’ Brexit impact on territories

The U.K. government must do its best to back financial services industries in its overseas territories, both before and after Brexit talks with the European Union, Premier Alden McLaughlin said Tuesday.

Overseas territories ministers to gather in London for annual meeting

Ministers from the British Overseas Territories will gather in London next week to discuss Brexit, economic development and good governance at the annual Joint Ministerial Council meeting.

Cayman, other territories to be briefed on Brexit

Representatives of British Overseas Territories were due to meet with U.K. foreign office representatives Thursday amid the fallout from the Brexit vote to discuss how the territories may be affected by upcoming changes.

New look for Cayman passports

The latest biometric version of the Cayman Islands British Overseas Territories passport, featuring a new design, is now available.

Longer passport processing times expected

British Overseas Territories passport holders are urged to give themselves enough time to receive travel documents prior to travelling on a new or renewed passport, as passport processing times have lengthened.

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