A visit to Cayman last week by the British Virgin Islands health minister marks the final stage of an agreement to bring between 300 and 500 patients annually to Health City Cayman Islands.

The three-day visit by Minister of Health and Social Development Ronnie Skelton will put Health City at the top of the BVI government’s list for medical tourism, recommending Health City Cayman Islands to patients who otherwise would have to fly to Miami for attention.

Health City Marketing Director Shomari Scott said of Mr. Skelton’s visit, “We have all the pieces lined up, and he was here for a last visit to get the paperwork in order.”

Health City, which opened in February 2014, was designed for medical tourism, to offer patients in the Caribbean and the Americas less costly healthcare in a range of areas, including cardiac and orthopedic procedures, at a fraction of North American prices.

“We have a lot of other agreements in the region,” Mr. Scott said, “like the Turks and Caicos Islands, Antigua and Jamaica, and we have people working on others in Anguilla, St. Kitts and Honduras. We’ve done St. Martin as well.

“We’ve had the Montserrat health minister here also. BVI is just part of the mix.”

Health City officials have met with BVI insurers, including the national health agency, which, Mr. Scott said, has given its approval for treatment at the facility in East End.

“The region has 31 islands and that means 31 different healthcare systems, so, depending on each country, we develop something appropriate. You need to go the health insurers in every country.

“But we have established our part now in BVI,” he said.

“This could mean, say, between 300 patients and 500 patients each year, mostly cardiac cases, but some orthopedic, some spine [patients] and some neurosurgery,” he added.