Cayman Prep and High School’s Year 6 Art Exhibition

The Year 6 students worked all year on the projects on show at the exhibition.

Young artists had the chance to showcase their talents at a unique exhibition held recently at the National Gallery.

Year 6 students from Cayman Prep and High School got the opportunity to display art projects they had been working on for several months at the National Gallery’s Dart Auditorium and Community Gallery. The exhibition runs from Friday, June 17 to Wednesday, June 29.

“Our art preparation began early on in the school year,” said Year 6 teacher and year group leader Carrie Bee.

“A sign-up sheet allowed the children to select an area of art they wanted to work on; whether it be mixed media, sculpture, origami or painting.”

Ms. Bee said that as a year group, the teachers, who also included Karlene Buckle, Birch Menko, Lucy Janes, Elizabeth Riley, Stuart Janes and Sue Horrocks, decided that the theme for the exhibition would be based around the quote: “Earth without Art is just ‘EH.’”

“As we are surrounded by such colorful beauty, we also wanted the children to incorporate an aspect of the Cayman Islands into their work, in any given shape or form of their choosing,” said Ms. Bee.

The children began researching possible ideas for their pieces by looking at photographs, websites and discussing the beautiful things that they had come across while living in Cayman.

Ms. Bee said that initially the children sketched their ideas, which allowed them to make amendments, test out different materials and generally get a feel for the project. They were given free rein in terms of deciding what they wanted to create.

“We wanted the pieces to be solely their visions and for them to know that the teachers were there just to give them guidance and direction if they required it,” said Ms. Bee.

The overall collection showcases work from every child, whether they worked in groups or individually.

“We are extremely proud of what our students have achieved this year,” said Ms. Bee.

“We hope you enjoy exploring the fruits of their labor.”

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