UPDATE: Hospital burglar ‘threatened to shoot officer’

One of two burglars believed to have been involved in a break-in at the Cayman Islands Hospital patient financial center offices Tuesday attacked a police officer and threatened to “shoot the officer,” the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported.

The break-in was reported around 4:30 a.m. According to police, two men in dark clothes were spotted toward the back of the hospital property.

A police officer in the area, on duty and in uniform, responded to the report and spotted one of the suspects wearing a hoodie, a dark, long-sleeved sweater and blue jeans.

The officer pursued the suspect across the hospital parking lot, at which time police said the man swung a “heavy metal object” at the officer and reached for his waistband, threatening to shoot the officer.

The RCIPS officer was not armed.

“The officer slowed his pursuit, but still followed the man, who escaped over the fence of a residence near the hospital,” a police statement said.

The patient financial service department was entered, police said. However, it appears nothing was taken.

The financial services office, located toward the back of the hospital campus on Smith Road, assists patients in making arrangements to pay hospital bills and helps customers review insurance benefits.

HSA officials said the financial services office is closed and will remain so “until further notice.” In the meantime, patients are asked to contact the main hospital switchboard at 949-8600 if they have billing or insurance questions.


  1. Time to acknowledge that Grand Cayman is not the peaceful place it used to be and arm all police officers.

    Time also to allow law abiding residents to legally possess means of self defense such as pepper sprays.

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