A Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing inspector who drove a 1996 Toyota Supra into a light pole and onto the opposite lanes of Crewe Road Monday afternoon is due back at work Monday, according to department officials.

“The officer remains on sick leave and is expected to return to work on Monday, July 18,” said DVDL Director David Dixon. “Our independent inquiry continues into this incident, while the police conduct their own investigations.”

Mr. Dixon did not specify what work the man would be performing when he returns.

The RCIPS has not commented on the crash since Monday, beyond confirming their officers were reviewing the incident.

According to government chief of protocol Meloney Syms, who witnessed the accident Monday, a “reckless” driver was “racing,” “zigzagging” and “speeding” through midday traffic in the eastbound lanes of Crewe Road, and eventually ended up vaulting the center median, knocking over a power pole. The Toyota Supra he drove ended up facing the wrong way in the westbound lanes, having knocked the power pole into the middle of the road.

Ms. Syms, whose Honda CR-V was damaged by flying debris from the collision, said Wednesday that she had been contacted by the department about the incident.

“DVDL called and asked me to provide damage estimates,” Ms. Syms said. “That’s a plus.”

The Toyota Supra belongs to Cayman Islands Fire Department fleet manager Johnny Salas, who said Monday that he had cautioned the vehicle inspector to “be careful” with the powerful sports car when taking it out. Mr. Salas told the Cayman Compass he had intended to sell the vehicle before the crash happened.

Mr. Salas said he was told by another vehicle inspector Monday at the accident scene that vehicles are typically not taken off the DVDL property during inspections.

“[The] inspector that approached me after the accident told me he couldn’t understand why the vehicle needed to be on the road,” Mr. Salas said. “I am a mechanic. I wouldn’t take a vehicle to the licensing department if it wasn’t functional.”

The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing inspector suffered what were described as minor injuries to his face, and was taken to the hospital and released later the same day.

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  1. This is so ridiculous I had to comment. In view of the position of the DVDL, the first person that should fired is the Director of DVDL. Clearly unable to make anyone accountable in the entire department. This is utterly laughable and a joke on the entire public.