Children have power blast at Launch Pad preschool

Young Ninja Turtles Aysia Smith, Ronan Gray, and Sheniya Smith

Launch Pad Enrichment Centre in Savannah is giving children a power blast over the summer holidays, by featuring their favorite superheroes.

Caught in the glow of gamma radiation, Bruce Banner starts to grow into a big green gentle Incredible Hulk, his eyes glaring through his green mask as he shows his big green fists to Spider-Man, as Supergirl, watching nearby in her pink cape, breaks into peals of laughter.

A few shouts and hugs later, the children get organized for a group picture. Other superhero characters joining in the fun were Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Spice Girl and Wonder Woman.

Camp at Launch Pad started with a soccer camp week at the Bodden Town playing field, where children got to learn the importance of teamwork and the rules of the game.

The second week was all about superheroes, with children designing logos of their favorite superheroes on T-shirts and acting out their favorite superhero moves.

The children also participated in a superhero treasure hunt, searching for powers and things superheroes wear, and channeled their artistic sides painting their favorite superhero on canvas.

On Friday, a major highlight came when campers enjoyed a fire drill carried out by the Fire Department.

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