Firefighters forced to move from WB station

West Bay fire crews, as well as their vehicles and equipment, will be responding to emergencies from the Ed Bush Sports Complex for the next several weeks.

The Cayman Islands government said this week that the move is to “accommodate extensive repairs” to the station. Work started on Monday and is expected to finish up in about six weeks.

A government statement indicated there should be no impact on fire service responses due to the move and reminded residents with emergencies to always call 911, rather than the local fire station or any other emergency responders directly.

Cayman Islands Chief Fire Officer David Hails reported in June that significant mold damage was found in all three Grand Cayman fire stations, including West Bay.

Mr. Hails’s comments came in response to questions asked in the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee about mold present in the West Bay Fire Station that one lawmaker claimed was “growing out of the air conditioning unit” inside the buildings.

“The situation with the mold at West Bay is inherent throughout all the fire stations, not only in West Bay,” Mr. Hails said.

Mr. Hails said in June that it appeared one of the problems was that air conditioning units had not been replaced since September 2004’s Hurricane Ivan at various locations. He said AC repair and potential replacement would be required at all locations throughout the fire service.

The Cayman Islands Fire Service operates three stations on Grand Cayman: one at the Owen Roberts International Airport, another on Frank Sound Road, North Side, and the third along West Bay Road in West Bay.

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