Massive fire follows container blast

Two storage containers caught fire following an explosion Wednesday afternoon in the Savannah area.

The containers, located off Raven Road near Mockingbird Crescent north of Shamrock Road in the Spotts area, appeared to contain fuel and construction tools, firefighters on scene said.

Acting Deputy Chief Fire Officer Randy Rankin said it appeared the explosion happened inside one of the two containers and then spread to the other.

No injuries were immediately reported.

Fire crews stayed busy for several hours shuttling water back and forth to keep the container fires under control. Mr. Rankin could not state what caused the explosion.

Black and gray smoke from the fire could be seen all over the George Town and Savannah areas Wednesday afternoon as the fire sent plumes of smoke hundreds of feet into the air.

A woman identified as the owner of the property on the scene declined to comment about the incident.


  1. Sorry, but this is totally unacceptable in our society.

    The owner of the property should be charged with gross negligence, and heavily fined.

    Storage of these metal containers on private property without control or licensing should immediacy be ended. Containers such as these are a nuisance to the order, beauty and serenity of the island. Has anyone in government ever considered how this rusting hulks look to tourists? It is hard to believe the Building Department is so critical of the construction of a multi-million-dollar home, noting the location of every electrical outlet, window, door, and fire detector, yet it totally ignores the rusting hulk next door on a vacant, unmaintained lot.

    Wake up before Cayman, someone discovers dead bodies, drugs, explosives or millions of dollars hidden away in one of these eye sores. When that happens, believe me, we will make “World News Tonight”.

  2. I find it applauding that Cayman has pipe water run all over the Island, but don’t have fire quadrants to be able help fire men do their job. Or is fire quadrant in the million dollar communities only?
    Why is the fire department fighting a fuel fire with water, and not the proper chemical to fight a fuel fire?

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