Bible school highlights the Holy Spirit

Under the trees, New Testament vacation Bible school youngsters explore ‘Fruits of the Spirit.’ – Photo: Jewel Levy

Children attending a week of Vacation Bible school at New Testament Church of God in East End are exploring “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” – love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

In addition to learning how they can develop these qualities in their own lives, the children are participating in a number of other Bible related activities, such as learning Bible verses, arts and crafts, and singing.

“What we are doing is getting a lot of the young people involved in looking at the fruits of the Spirit, and how they can develop that in their own lives as they go about everyday life,” said Jessica Willis, the church’s youth director.

Each day, the children begin with devotion and the singing of the theme song, “Authentic Youths, Authentic Fruits,” followed by prayer and Bible verses.

Mother Nature’s bounty of trees, flowers and plants decorate the stage of the church.

“That’s representing the idea of one tree bearing different fruits, but we are all one part of the vine, which is Jesus Christ,” said Ms. Willis.

Divided into groups, the children visit the harvest station, where they come together singing praise and hearing Bible stories and learning about characters in the Bible. At the creation station, the children practice Bible verses and learn what the fruit of the Spirit is all about.

The children are also making necklaces and puzzles that go along with the theme.

Ms. Willis noted that the vacation Bible school also seeks to develop leadership skills in the young people who attend, encouraging participants to take on leadership roles.