Postcard from Rio: Swimmer Lara Butler on her days in the Olympic village so far

Some of Cayman’s Olympic athletes are sending “Postcard from Rio” to the Cayman Compass with thoughts and pictures of their experiences at the games. Swimmer Lara Butler sent this first installment.

When we first arrived in Rio the transport and everything was very prompt and well organised. When we arrived into the village it was overwhelming as it is huge here. There are over 30 buildings full of athletes!

We went to the pool straight away. There are too large 50m pools; one warm-up pool and then the race pool.

Cayman Olympians Florence Allan and Geoffrey Butler in the game room at the Olympic Village.
Cayman Olympians Florence Allan and Geoff Butler in the game room at the Olympic Village.

Within the village there are vending machines everywhere. If you have been given an access card you can get unlimited Cokes, Sprites, Gatorades, juices and water. Not only that but there is a McDonald’s which we can’t wait to go and devour once racing is finished as it is unlimited and free for athletes.

There is a doctor’s office, dentist, physiotherapy and optician. Everything medical you can think of is here and every athlete can use the services.

Last Sunday was our welcome ceremony and it was incredible with the mayor giving us a speech and welcome and then dancers performing. Our flag was raised in the ceremony.

Other than that Sunday every day has been pretty similar in the lead up to racing.  My brother Geoff and I race Saturday and Sunday.

Our daily routine is that we wake up and go to breakfast, then go for a swim, come back for lunch, rest and then go back to the pool. Back at the Village there is a games room which we have ventured into and is pretty awesome.

All in all we were so surprised with how well everything has been organised and set up with it all being as special as we hoped!

– Lara Butler

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