Extradition sought for indecent assault suspect

The Court House in George Town.

A provisional arrest request has been made by the British government to U.S. authorities seeking the return of Ato Modibo Stephens to the Cayman Islands on charges of indecent assault with an underage female.

Stephens, a track coach, left Cayman in February after messages he sent to the underage female were found on her cellphone, court records allege. He is believed to be residing in the Miami, Florida area, according to U.S. federal court records published last week. The extradition is sought because Stephens is a U.S. citizen.

The U.S. court records state that a Cayman Islands Justice of the Peace issued an arrest warrant on June 24 for Stephens on two charges of indecent assault, one charge of gross indecency and one charge of misuse of an Information and Communications Technology Authority network.

“A provisional request for extradition has been submitted to the U.S. and the process is under way with respect to this,” an RCIPS statement sent Monday indicated.

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    • A Justice of the Peace is basically a lay Magistrate{unpaid) and is a part of the Justice System, in that he or she can sit in court to ajudicate on matters within his/her jurisdiction. Furthermore, a constable can sware on information on oath before a JP and receive a summon or a warrant to take specified person{s) named in the document before the court or issue a search warrant to search specified premises for persons or goods named therein.
      No we do not need a Judge to issue every legal process. Only if the law has been changed recently,to provide that only a judge of the Grand Court can do so. The magistrate can sit in court or other place(s) such as in his/her office. We also have the full time Magistrates who are paid officials, and who are qualified in Law. The term has been used interchangeibly by some people that they they refer to the Magistrate as a judge as well as a judge of the Grand Court. A judge is Higher and has a wider jurisdiction.

  1. A provisional arrest request has been made by the British Government to the US Government authorities?
    Am I understanding correct that this request would have had to be made via the British government?…. and not direct from the Caymans Judicial.

  2. Thank you Mr Fullerton for the explanation . But on the Furthermore where a police constable can sware
    on information to a JP and get a warrant . Did we have a case in Cayman Islands just a few years ago where a case was all muddled up by the JP and the constable ? Then that’s where I thought that something as expensive as extradition should come from the court and Judge .