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Extradition trial delayed for man wanted by US

An extradition trial for a man wanted in the US on drug and money laundering charges has been delayed, after the Legal Aid Department refused to pay the bill for a Queen’s Counsel attorney to represent him.

Man wanted in Croatia fights extradition proceedings

Extradition proceedings have begun in the Summary Court against Dario Soldic, who is due to serve a five-year prison sentence in Croatia for embezzling 130,000 euros ($140,000).

Public purse to pay for lost extradition battle

The Grand Court has ordered that money from the public purse be used to pay the legal fees of a man who successfully fended off a multi-year extradition battle to the United States.

Man wins two-year extradition battle

A North Side man wanted in the US for fraud related charges is discharged, after a Grand Court judge ruled against his extradition.

Man wanted in US continues fight against extradition

Ian Nigel Mackellar, of North Side, is looking to the Grand Court to have an extradition ruling overturned this week. MacKellar, 62, is wanted in Texas on a handful of charges including fraud and smuggling.

Caregiver extradited to Hawaii

A 60-year-old caregiver accused of stealing the life savings of her elderly client more than a decade ago has been extradited from the Cayman Islands to Hawaii to face trial for the crime.

Extradition of UK citizen temporarily halted

Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez approved a request from Governor Martyn Roper on Tuesday, temporarily halting the extradition of Iain Nigel MacKellar to the United States.

Court rules in favor of resident’s extradition to US

Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez has ruled in favor of the Crown’s request for the extradition of Cayman permanent resident Iain Nigel MacKellar to the United States.

Extradition ‘not unjust or oppressive,’ court finds

Rosemarie Bodden, formerly Delatorre, was bailed on Friday to await the governor’s decision to extradite her to Hawaii for trial on charges dating from 2006-2008.

Woman’s extradition date confirmed

A woman scheduled for deportation appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, where she pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct at a police station.

$5 million cash bond demanded in extradition case

Iain Nigel MacKellar was granted bail in Grand Court on Friday afternoon as he awaits an extradition hearing on fraud charges later this month.

Extradition case adjourned, defendant in hospital

A woman wanted in Hawaii on criminal charges did not appear in Cayman’s Summary Court on Thursday because she was in the hospital, Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards said.

Extradition trial set for Turkish terror suspect

A two-day trial has been set for Celal Kildag, the cruse ship passenger who arrived in Cayman on Dec. 8 and found a request waiting to extradite him to Turkey. Kildag, 58, has been accused by Turkish authorities of terrorist acts in 1988.

Progress in extradition case of man accused of terrorism

An application for the extradition of a man accused of terrorism in 1988 has not yet been received by Cayman authorities, Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards said in Summary Court on Thursday.

Remand continues for terror suspect

The cruise ship passenger detained in Cayman for possible extradition to Turkey appeared in Summary Court on Thursday, when he was remanded in custody again until Jan. 12. Celal Kildag, 58, is accused of carrying out terrorist acts in Turkey in 1988.

Stephens case: Teen feared removal from track team

A 14-year-old girl who alleged a Cayman Islands track coach indecently assaulted her feared she would be removed from the track team if she did not comply with certain requests of a sexual nature, according to statements in U.S. federal court records.

Christmas behind bars for terror suspect

A 58-year-old man accused of terrorist activity in Turkey in the 1980s will spend Christmas in prison in Grand Cayman.

Turkish terror suspect arrested in Cayman

A Turkish terror suspect who was arrested in Grand Cayman after arriving on a cruise ship is facing extradition in connection with the killing of two people and the burning of two primary schools in 1988.

Romanian fugitive deported from Cayman Islands

The founder of Romania’s secret police service has been deported from the Cayman Islands after exhausting attempts to fight extradition to his homeland where he faces jail time for corruption. Mihai Tanjala even resorted to a hunger strike while detained at Northward Prison, vowing, “I refuse to go back to Romania alive.”

Extradition of Cayman track coach sought

A formal request for the extradition of a Cayman Islands track coach on indecent assault charges was sent to the U.S. Department of State last month, according to documents made public in the American federal courts system.

Track coach detained in US pending extradition

A U.S. magistrate judge ordered last week that a Cayman Islands track coach be detained without bond pending any further court appearances in connection with an extradition request the British government made for his return to Cayman.

Extradition sought for indecent assault suspect

A provisional arrest request has been made by the British government to U.S. authorities seeking the return of Ato Modibo Stephens to the Cayman Islands on charges of indecent assault with an underage female.

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