A woman wanted in Hawaii on criminal charges did not appear in Cayman’s Summary Court on Thursday because she was in the hospital, Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards said.

Rosemarie Delatorre, 59, is charged with 23 counts alleging dishonesty in Maui County, Hawaii, where a court issued a bench warrant for her arrest in September, 2011. The court now seeks her extradition from Cayman.

Charges against Delatorre include identity theft, check forgery and fraudulent use of credit cards. The alleged victim was an 86-year-old woman who was in Delatorre’s care.

Ms. Richards told Magistrate Grace Donalds that the defendant was “presently receiving inpatient treatment” at the Health Services Authority.

Defense attorney Jonathon Hughes went into further detail, saying Delatorre’s health complications were quite serious and she was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Delatorre first appeared in court in Cayman on Thursday, Aug. 31. She wore a surgical mask and moved slowly, appearing to have difficulty when she stood or sat. Mr. Hughes said at the time that his client had lupus.

Bail was to have been offered on conditions that included a doctor’s letter about the state of her health.

On Thursday, the magistrate set Thursday, Sept. 28, for case management. Mr. Hughes agreed, saying he did not expect the matter to resolve itself any sooner. Ms. Richards also accepted the date.

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