Man jailed for overstaying 4 times

A man who admitted overstaying four times was sentenced this week to serve 30 days in prison.

Craig Samuel Carradice, 32, pleaded guilty in Summary Court on Tuesday. He asked Magistrate Valdis Foldats for a fine.

“You were already fined twice,” the magistrate replied. “The message didn’t get through.”

Crown counsel Candia James explained that Carradice pleaded guilty in 2009 to overstaying and he was fined $440.

He overstayed again in 2010 by seven months and 20 days. At the time, however, there was an amnesty, so there was no penalty.

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In 2015, Carradice pleaded guilty to overstaying again and the fine was $500.

The latest charge was for the period Nov. 4, 2015 to June 20, 2016. When asked if he wanted to enter his plea, Carradice at first told the court he did not know what to do. He explained that he had put in for a work permit but it had been turned down.

The magistrate asked how long he had been in Cayman.

Carradice said he first came in 2005, mainly working construction. He married a Caymanian and had a right to reside and work, but it was revoked because he and his wife separated.

He explained that he did not want to leave because he has three children whom he loves and wants to support.

The magistrate pointed out that remaining in Cayman without authorization was serious because it undermined the basis on which this country determines who has the right to be here.

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  1. The magistrate should be thankful that he wants to remain in Cayman as many people would use every opportunity to leave.

    Sentencing him to jail time defeats its purpose, doesn’t it. He’ll be remaining longer and when released will be back square one.