Cayman Reporter rolls back to two days a week

The Cayman Reporter is cutting its print newspaper schedule back to two days a week, 14 months after moving to print five days a week.

In an editorial on the Reporter’s website Thursday, the newspaper said it will go back to publishing on Wednesdays and Fridays starting next week.

The free paper has seen a number of staff departures in recent weeks, and now, according to the editorial, will shift focus to its website and away from the print edition.

Reporter/owner Deon Ebanks did not return requests for comment, but the editorial quoted him as saying, “We have seen an ever-growing demand for on-line advertising, and have also seen that more and more readers are accessing our news stories on-line – especially for new and breaking stories. With this increased focus on digital media, The Cayman Reporter will be in line with international media trends – which are seeing traditional print becoming a supplement to on-line news media.”

There has been some speculation in recent months about management at the Reporter. The newspaper in March confirmed that Bob Taylor, former chief executive officer of WestStar TV, would take over as general manager and Mr. Ebanks would become a consultant.

Mr. Ebanks is still cited as owner of the Reporter. It’s unclear whether Mr. Taylor ever began working for the company. Two of the reporters with regular bylines in the newspaper have left.