Pirates Week kicks off in Grand Cayman on Nov. 10 under the theme “Age of Romance.”

Melanie McField, Pirates Week executive director, said that over the past 39 years, the national festival has grown into the biggest annual attraction in the Cayman Islands.

During the official launch at the Government Administration Building on Wednesday, Ms. McField presented the events planned for this year, covering 14 days of activities starting in Little Cayman on Nov. 4 and 5. In Grand Cayman, events are scheduled for Nov. 10-20 and include the pirates landing, Miss Festival Queen Contest and district Heritage Days.

Pirates Week then moves to Cayman Brac on Nov. 25, and draws to a close that weekend with a family bonfire and welcome party on the Brac.

Sponsor Frank Roulstone, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell, Pirates Week Executive Director Melanie McField and Joseph Hew, councilor for tourism, pose with the new poster.
Sponsor Frank Roulstone, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell, Pirates Week Executive Director Melanie McField and Joseph Hew, councilor for tourism, pose with the new poster.

The Pirates Week and the Pirates Week Office encourages all schools, the business community, nonprofits, floats and festival competitors to use this year’s theme in their central design ideas.

The festival will offer musical entertainment, heritage, sports, culture, costumes and cuisine in a display that caters to all ages and interests.

Ms. McField said the aim of Pirates Week is to increase visitor arrivals during the off-season, to highlight the creative talents of local people and to pass down traditions and enjoy what the Cayman Islands has to offer.

Ms. McField said the district Heritage Days will incorporate cultural entities such as the National Gallery, the Cayman Islands Cultural Foundation and the Tourism Attraction Board’s sister agencies – the Botanic Park and Pedro St. James Castle.

The festival office is subsidized by the Tourism Attraction Board, and the festival is sponsored by the government and private sector. At a press conference on Wednesday, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell was presented with a copy of the Pirates Week poster, which highlights a swashbuckling couple encouraging the “Year of Romance.”

Joseph Hew, councilor for tourism, said the festival is a mammoth undertaking and the Pirates Week Office depends heavily on the commitment of volunteers to ensure that the festival is run in a safe and timely matter.

He appealed to all those who would like to lend a hand during the festival to contact the Pirates Week Office.

Visit Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival on Facebook, cipiratesweek on Twitter or www.piratesweekfestival.com.



  1. Pirates week began as a Cayman/ Caribbean festival back then, however has been over whelming taken charge by the interest of other revelers, especially from the US.
    I must support that take over because, they are ambitious and dedicated in making sure that each year the show gets bigger. The few Caymanians who made it happened back then, have dwindled in the background, gotten old or just tired. So for the show to continue, like most things we need outside help,
    DISTRICT DAYS: I support district HERITAGE days, but in the past five or seven years, the activities and support could not have been worse.
    My suggestion; as one who have spent 21 years prior being very active in this Festival; that before the last minute we encourage districts and their Captains to come together and make good plans. This is not being done, and therefore each district since the past three four years has been a FLOP, FLOP, FLOP..
    Take for instance the district of Bodden Town. The past five years, people only turned up for a bit of food, and that even was noting to write home about. Politics has intervened in the venue place for its continued activity under dark, dirty almond and buttonwood trees, stank with fowl feces and un-kept environment. Not good enough. This failure I lay at the feet of the Bodden Town representatives and the persons in charge of the Pirates week Office. The district wants better than what has been offered for the past five years. Why can’t we have an “Open air District day Festival on the Coe wood public beach”; free from chicken manure under dark dismal almond and logwood trees; there is NO ENTRANCE FEE charged, so why not allow locals and visitors to enjoy a good meal, and a good sea breeze scenery, complimented with good music and good food. There are hut spaces for food and craft display, and wide open spaces for all kinds of activities. At night there is ample space to continue dance activities on the dock side. What is the excuse not to embrace Coe Wood Public Beach for this venue, without Politics intervening. My suggestion is for any persons who follow district activities for food music or entertainment; to visit the area of the past five venue, down a dirty, dark un kept area full of leaves, trees and chicken manure called Harry McCoy Park. Then visit the Coe Wood Public beach and you be the judge which place you would rather be..

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