Family values conference kicks off on Sunday

Conservative attorney David Gibbs, president of the National Center for Life and Liberty in the United States, will give a keynote address Sunday at a conference on “Bible-based family values” in Cayman.

David Gibbs will speak Sunday evening.
David Gibbs will speak Sunday evening.

The Cayman Ministers’ Association will gather at the Lions Centre Sunday evening to “raise awareness among the Cayman community regarding what they perceive as ‘critical issues being [foisted] on the next generation,’” according to a press release. The association has been vocal, especially over the past year, about preventing gay marriage in Cayman.

Brendan Bain of the Family Life Ministries in Jamaica and Cayman Pastor Alson Ebanks are also listed as keynote speakers.

David Gibbs rose to prominence in conservative U.S. legal circles as the lead attorney for the parents of Terri Schiavo, a case he lost over trying to prevent the removal of a feeding tube from a woman who was in a vegetative state in a Florida hospital for 15 years.

According to the Cayman Ministers’ Association, “Mr. Gibbs’ presentation will aim to frame the historical and current legal debate on the definition and nature of the family, and will discuss the way forward in navigating today’s increasingly diverse perspectives.”

In the release, Mr. Gibbs said he is concerned about shifts in culture away from conservative values and to accepting things such as gay marriage. He noted, “No part of the world is immune from these influences. This is because we live in a global community where media is disseminated so quickly and people are exposed to all these new viewpoints without having a worldview framework within which to place those viewpoints.”

Mr. Ebanks, vice chair of the association, said the meeting will focus on what he calls “alternative lifestyles,” as well as issues with marriage, traditional relationships, family roles and responsibilities, and sexual morality.

“It would be hypocritical for us not to acknowledge that one of the catalysts for this rally is the publicity over the last several months given to alternative lifestyles, but this cannot be the main focus of the rally since the real issues are more extensive,” Mr. Ebanks said.

He said he hopes the gathering can help create an organization for the Christian right in Cayman.

“The churches have long wanted to collaborate on various community outreach activities, and now that we are working together, we are anticipating many tangible benefits to come to the Cayman community over the longer term,” Mr. Ebanks said.

Mr. Bain said many areas are being pressured to be more accepting of rights for homosexual people.

“A number of individuals, international groups and governments are exerting pressure on our communities to accept sexual practices that have not been previously accepted in most Caribbean communities,” he said.

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