Practically anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle will have found themselves in this situation at one point or the other: there you are, riding along, when suddenly you are startled by the unceremonious sound of rushing air.

You look down in dismay to see a shiny nail discourteously protruding from the tire of your bike; fantastic. In your negligence you have refrained from preparing for such a scenario, and now you are stranded halfway down the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. What to do?

Not to fear, Sheldon Anderson’s Mobile Bicycle Repair Service has you covered.

A passion for the sport

Cycling has been a longtime passion of the solo owner and operator of Bicycle Mobile, Sheldon Anderson, who has enjoyed competitive racing in cycling for many years.

“I started Bicycle Mobile because cycling is my passion,” says Anderson.

His love for the sport started when he was a 10-year-old in Jamaica. He fondly reminisces about the antics of his two uncles, affectionately named Bunny and Gull, who used to trade their pet fish for bike parts, which they would then assemble into fixed-gear bicycles before making bets with their friends and racing. The pair would often return home with severe road rash and broken bikes, much to the dismay of their parents.

Service on the run

The inception of his business came back in Jamaica in 1988, when Anderson would ride his bike around town to do bicycle repairs for people at the weekends. In 2008, he decided to apply a similar business model to Cayman.

Wherever you are, you can call him to make an appointment, and he will drive to you to do whatever bicycle repair you need. This ranges from a simple service of the gears and brakes, to bike fitting, and even complete overhauls.

Anderson says that “it’s unique to bring the service to the customer.”

Although his otherwise regular participation in local races has been hindered by recent injuries, Anderson’s dedication to the sport he loves shines through in his involvement with the local cycling community, alongside his commitment to running a fully functioning business for the benefit of the entire Cayman cycling community, enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Bicycle Mobile Repairs and Accessories can be contacted at 525-2020, or [email protected]

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