The Cambridge Footlights is a hallowed wellspring of performers which hath wrought such great talents as John Cleese, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry.

In 2015, through some great connections and a little magic, Cayman was lucky enough to have the tour stop at the Prospect Playhouse for a few nights. The shows sold out very quickly, and those unable to score tickets lamented the loss for weeks afterward.

Thankfully it’s time to dry those tears, as the Footlights are returning to the theater for three dates at the end of September, the 26th through the 28th, to be exact.


The Cambridge Footlights are proud to present their biggest show of the year, “Lagoon.” Join “the most renowned sketch troupe of them all” (The Independent) as they embark on another exceptional world tour, performing to more than 20,000 people across two continents.

This year’s tour travels to London, Edinburgh, California, Las Vegas, New York, Cambridge, and of course, the Cayman Islands.

The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show is an annual touring sketch show, written and performed by a select group of students from the University of Cambridge. The show has been going for more than 50 years, with many of its team now in leading roles in the comedy, television, theater and film industries. The Cambridge Footlights has existed since 1883, and has steadily become the leading student comedy club in the world.

Tickets are available through, by calling 938-1998, or emailing [email protected]

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