Employee jailed for theft

A woman who admitted stealing jewelry from her employer’s store was sentenced on Thursday to six months’ imprisonment.

Madeiny Williams-Rodriguez Ebanks-Pol, 38, pleaded guilty in February to stealing from Mitzi’s Fine Jewelry on two occasions in November 2015.

The stolen items included: a $4,000 sapphire diamond 18 carat ring; a $2,000 charm bracelet; a $2,000 gold necklace; and a $18,000 diamond pendant. All items were recovered from a Cash for Gold pawn shop.

The matter was adjourned several times while the court waited for a social inquiry report and victim impact statement.

On Thursday, Crown counsel Greg Walcolm emphasized that the offending was a breach of trust that warranted a sentence of immediate imprisonment. He pointed out that Ebanks-Pol was seen on CCTV stealing the jewelry from display cases, so her discount for a guilty plea should not be the usual one-third; he suggested 15 percent to 20 percent.

She did assist in getting the jewelry back by admitting where she had taken it, he agreed.

Mr. Walcolm emphasized the significant impact of the theft on the victim. Her business was creating jewelry and offering it for sale. Since the thefts, she had been unable to vest her trust in anyone else and had not been able to produce new jewelry.

Defense attorney Keva Reid told Magistrate Grace Donalds that her client, who has lived in Cayman for 20 years, has two children. If she were jailed, her financial position would deteriorate and her children would be adversely affected.

The defendant stole the jewelry because she was desperate to get money in order to buy groceries and pay bills, Ms. Reid said.

Imprisonment would have a devastating effect on her and the children, who are at a delicate point in their lives, Ms. Reid continued. Ebanks-Pol’s mother assists with the children, but she is 70 years old.

The defendant had taken her employer to reclaim the jewelry from the place where she had pawned it, Ms. Reid pointed out. She was extremely sorry for what she had done.

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