50 years ago: Travelers arrive from Swan Island; Charles Orrett passes

West-bay-50-years-finalIn the Sept. 21, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

“A delightful concert sponsored by the Woman’s Guild was held in the United Church hall on the 16th with Rev. Coke as chairman. An action song was sung by some girls. ‘The Mock Wedding’ was put on in which Mr. Arthur Ebanks ably displayed his talent as a Marriage Officer.

“Mrs. Harley Jackson and her Sunday School from Mount Pleasant rendered a very interesting programme after the wedding, ‘Wanting a Cook.’ She had five applicants but not one suited her. Four songs were sung by Betty Ebanks and Carol Ann, which they learned in Canada, which amused everyone. The programme ended with the benediction by Rev. R. Coke.

“The Motor Vessel Daydream arrived on the 12th from Honduras via Swan Island, bringing Mr. Alstead Glidden, Mrs. John Jefferson and children, Mrs. Norman Smith and children, Mrs. Horace Kelly and son, and Master Allan Ebanks as passengers from Swan Island.

“Departures on the 15th were Mr. Calvin Ebanks to his home in New York after spending his vacation here. Mrs. Marson Wallace and little daughter Andre to Brooklyn, New York where she will meet her husband and will remain for an indefinite time. Mrs. Alice Powery to visit her son Byron and family in New York.

“Mrs. Lucy Welds has gone to Jamaica to visit her daughter Velona Roberts, whose husband is pastor of the United Brethren Church in Mandeville.

“Mrs. George Hydes arrived on the 15th from Miami after hearing of her father’s illness. Mr. Connoly Ebanks came in the same day from National Bulk Carriers.

“Arriving on the 18th were Mr. Caleb Orrett for a week’s visit with his bereaved mother, and Mr. Rayburn Ebanks from National Bulk Carriers.

“Leaving on the 18th for Miami were Mrs. Rita Murray and her daughter Gen, [also] Miss Una Yates and Mr. Benson O. Ebanks Jr.

“Mr. Leonard Weyland left for New York on the 18th for medical aid.

“Mr. Sherdon Smith arrived on the 15th from National Bulk Carriers.

“We regret to report the death of Mr. Charles Orrett, 71 years of age, who died in the hospital on the 16th having taken a stroke on the 13th at home. The funeral service was conducted by Miss Ruth Bowman at the Presbyterian Church, Bosun Bay, assisted by Rev. John Croft and Rev. R. Coke. Elder S.O. Ebanks read the obituary. He is survived by his wife Lilian, 10 children, William, Beverly, Edith, Lilian, Sarah and Carolyn at home, Stanley, Wesley, George and Caleb at sea, one brother Mr. Banker Ebanks, four sisters, 28 grandchildren, and a lot of other relatives. He was a faithful and devoted husband. His body was laid to rest in Bosun Bay cemetery.”

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