Two tourists, two backpacks, two bullets

Magistrate imposes fines of $1,000; no convictions recorded

Two tourists had their stay in Cayman extended after each of their backpacks was found to contain a live round of ammunition. The men intended to leave on Sept. 24; instead they were required to post bond and remain long enough to appear in Summary Court on Sept. 27.

The men pleaded guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm and were each fined $1,000. Magistrate Valdis Foldats discharged them absolutely and did not record a conviction.

A summary of facts showed that the men were stopped at Owen Roberts International Airport after they placed their carry-ons on the security inspection belt for X-ray and a bullet was recovered from each backpack.

One of the visitors, a 60-year-old man from Florida, was scheduled to depart for Tampa. He indicated that he was a frequent visitor. He told the court he had owned a firearm his entire life and a license was not required in Florida. The bullet in his backpack was .22 caliber.

The other visitor, a 35-year-old man from Washington, had been scheduled to leave on a flight to Houston. The bullet in his backpack was .40 caliber. He said he used the backpack for multiple purposes and the bullet had probably dropped into it out of a container. He also submitted that a firearms license was not required in his state.

The magistrate repeated what he has said on numerous occasions: He praised local airport security staff for their alertness and he discouraged travelers from using as carry-on luggage any item they previously had used to carry firearms.


  1. This finding visitors to the Islands with a fire arm bullet on their way out of the Islands , but this sounds like Custom need to screen people coming into the Islands better because we don’t know and Custom probably doesn’t know how many bullets they had in their baggage coming in the Islands. Why is it that ONE bullet is always found going out ?

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