More than 350 Pilates fans, all decked out in pink, converged on the Arts and Recreation Centre Saturday to raise money for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Cancer survivor Colleen Brummer, who runs Pilates studio Energy and who organized the event, said more than $9,000 was raised through registration fees, and other donations are still being tallied.

Ms. Brummer started the fundraiser 10 years ago. ‘At the very first one, we had about 30 people. It’s definitely getting bigger through the years,’ she said. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

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  1. Breast cancer, an extremely complex disease, is a BIG business now. A lucrative industry in essence. It feeds many – someone has to manufacture pink balls, shirts, ribbons, soups, pens, gowns, bracelets, $10 pink water bottles, champagne, expensive meals and serve it to the feeling good , but accomplishing nothing crowd. Any person with few marbles knows that medical industry will never find a cure for cancer. Mammograms are overrated and there is a mounting evidence against it. Early detection does not save lives. This fundamental philosophy is wrong.
    This “pinkwashing” is driven by marketing rather than mission.
    It is funny that “Cancer Inc.” with its numerous foundations has managed to extend its influence on men with it “Movember” campaign. By the way Australian government has issued a statement: PSA test is not suitable for population screening, as the harms outweigh the benefits.
    This is my opinion and I am sure that majority will disagree, including Compass who never allows my opinion about fundraisers to be published. I hope this time they will make an exception. Give your arguments in support of October “pinkwashing” craziness, may be I will change my mind. I am an open minded person.

  2. L. Bell – early detection does save lives. Until you are in someone’s shoes that has gone through cancer, you have no idea how ludicrous that sounds. If you have not gone through these life saving tests, you will have wished you would have once you have had to go through chemo, radiation, etc. Believe me, early detection is so important. Do you also realize how much the breast cancer foundation and Cayman Islands cancer society does for so many people on Island to help them physically, emotionally and financially? It may be marketing, but I think that a lot of these companies volunteer these items etc. to get the word and message out to people to get tested. These funds are crucial and needed. Anyone reading your post I hope will not think that your philosophy is correct. I urge people to get a mammogram, colonoscopy, etc. and do what you can to stay healthy and detect early so that you do not have to go through the hell that chemo and radiation is.

    • With all due respect let not bring colonoscopy into this conversation. Colon cancer is a totally different disease and one of the very few for which early detection is the key to CURE. Yes, cure, vs. 5 years survival.
      But since you have mentioned colonoscopy , there is the world’s most advanced colon cancer detection test. It is called “Fecal immunochemical test” which cost less than $30. The entire test takes five minutes, DIY at home and is considered the preferred screening method for Colorectal Cancer Detection by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, the American College of Gastroenterology, the American Cancer Society, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
      Secondly there is $ 299.99 Archon Lung Cancer Blood Test that uses a simple blood draw, and is 92% accurate.

      But lets get back to the “Pinkomania”. Unfortunately breast cancer is very complex to claim that early detection saves lives.
      What Cayman Islands cancer society does for so many people with cancer on Island to help them physically, emotionally and financially is honorable. But claims that early breast cancer detection saves lives are outdated and inaccurate. Everyone with just few clicks can find tons of information and decide for themselves.
      The carbon footprint of “pink” ribbons, shirts and other junk is huge and contributes to cancer growth. Almost all of it ends up in a landfill almost immediately. The pink products itself may actually cause breast cancer.
      If the mission of the campaign is to prevent breast cancer, start with educating yourself, then others what xenoestrogens are for example and its role in developing breast cancer. I am sure 10 out of 10 women know nothing about estrogen dominance and how the oral contraceptive pills deplete zinc and magnesium, elevate copper levels creating a path to one type of breast cancer.
      As for the “shoes”, I would not be using this argument and assuming that I don’t know. When a friend died at 28, 3 months after a mammogram has detected breast cancer and a surgery was performed, her husband was 100% sure she would have been still alive, if not for this early “detection” and the surgery that followed. 2 little kids lost their mother too soon.