Smith Cove fundamental to Cayman

Although I am no longer there, I write as someone who spent an unforgettable 25 years in Grand Cayman to add my voice to the efforts to acquire Smith Cove in perpetuity and to resist adjacent developments to the site.

Having lived in several countries and able to compare, I have come to appreciate the importance of sites such as the Cove (the George Town Barcadere is another) to Cayman not only for their recreational value but more for the worth of such places as integers of the essence of the country.

Passing by those sites on an almost daily basis can lead to complacency about them; it is in living away from them that we come to recognize them as what they truly are: fundamental expressions of natural Cayman, and only Cayman, born at the time Cayman was born.

Time and again, particularly in the Caribbean, but in North America as well, I have seen projects promoted under the banner of “development,” for this site or that turn out to be backward steps, degrading something that was a feature of the landscape, so it is heartening to hear that private voices are joining the government in keeping the Cove as it is. Whatever kind of Caymanian you are, Smith Cove should be sacrosanct to you.

Dave Martins