Flow announces Brac broadband upgrade

Flow's Cayman Brac team, from left, Twayne Foster, Clayton Conolly, Norman Carter, Lorraine Brown and Jason McLean.

A local Internet provider says it has improved bandwidth in Cayman Brac.

In a press release, Flow announced that fiber upgrades across the island mean broadband customers in Cayman Brac can now obtain speeds of at least 15 Mbps.

“Numerous studies have found that, in general, broadband deployments have a positive impact on economic growth,” said Flow Cayman’s customer experience director, Daniel Tathum.

“We’ve been working hard to run fiber across Cayman Brac and I’m delighted that we have now completed the work. Our Fiber To The Node technology allows our customers to receive higher broadband speeds to their homes and businesses with the added benefit of being able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art Flow TV product.”

The release states that technology operations team supervisor and Bracker Twayne Foster led the team carrying out the installation. In addition to the broadband upgrades, all residential phone lines have been moved to a new telephone switch platform, which is anticipated to improve resiliency and user features, according to the company.

“We really appreciate the commitment and action from Flow to bring significant improvements to the telecommunications infrastructure in Cayman Brac,” said District Commissioner Ernie Scott.

”Everyone understands the impact of a faster broadband connection and that it is a dynamic tool for stimulating growth in the economy.”


  1. All well and good, but I do hope someone in authority think and give some consideration to the FLOW office in Country Side Village.
    The office serve no purpose except to pay a bill. No information on absolutely anything, and customers are told that they have to visit the Office on West Bay road or send an email . Do you really think that is fair for persons who are coming from all the way East End, North Side and Bodden Town. Most of them are elderly and do not even have transportation much less know how to use the internet. That office need improving with regards to information.

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