Anti-doping conference to be held in Cayman

The Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization will hold its annual board meeting on Grand Cayman starting on Sunday at the Westin resort.

The two-day conference is expected to review the World Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into and derailment of Russia’s state-sponsored athletics doping before the 2016 Olympic games, among other issues.

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee expects delegates from 14 Caribbean countries to attend.

This will be the first time in 11 years that the Cayman Islands has hosted the anti-doping organization’s annual meeting.

Cayman Islands Olympic Committee President Don McLean and the chairman of the committee’s Medical and Anti-Doping Commission, James Myles, will attend the board meeting on behalf of Cayman. Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden is expected to make opening remarks at the conference.

“It is extremely important for each country to conduct anti-doping activities in sports to prevent athletes from getting an unfair advantage and to preserve their health,” Mr. McLean said. “Here in the Cayman Islands, our main focus is on anti-doping education in the schools, and we regularly test our elite athletes.”