Police warn of email phishing scams

The police Financial Crime Unit is warning people to watch out for “phishing emails” meant to trick unwitting email users into clicking on a link or downloading an attachment that can infect their computer with a virus or software to steal personal data.

The fake bank email reads: “This is simply an additional verification measure to help prevent unauthorized access to your account and to eliminate the risk of fraud and totally protect you.” It then instructs the reader to click on a link to log into a fake system instead of the actual bank.

“These emails are fraudulent and members of the public should not open any of the attachments or click on any of the hyperlinks, as these could launch viruses or ransomware in the recipient’s computers or devices,” officers from the Financial Crime Unit said in an email.

Cybersecurity experts warn that phishing is the most common way hackers will attempt to get control over a computer.