Starting next year, employers will have to include a certificate of compliance for health insurance when applying for or renewing work permits, including any temporary permits lasting longer than 30 days.

All employers are required to provide health insurance for employees, but starting Jan. 1, employers will be required, with a “Certificate of Compliance,” to prove that employees have or will have health coverage.

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“What we are introducing isn’t something new, as we currently require a declaration from employers and employees about health insurance and pension details,” Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Samantha Bennett said in a press release. “All work permit holders should have health insurance coverage once they commence work. Status holders and permanent residency holders should also have health insurance.”

Ms. Bennett continued, “What we are trying to do, is to ensure that it is now part of the employer’s checklist even for temporary work permits. The completion of the Certificate of Compliance will require forward planning, just like the 14-day advertisement requirement along with police clearances and medical required documents, in order to ensure the applications are complete.”

If an employer does not provide health insurance for employees, the Health Insurance Law requires the employer to cover the cost of any medical expenses.

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